Terms of payment

These general terms apply when you buy a Camping Key Europe Online or at campsites and cottage establishments affiliated with SCR's (Sveriges Camping & Stugföretagares Riksorganisation).

The current rules for Camping Key Europe
- SCR’s campsites use Camping Key Europe. This means that as a guest, you must have a Camping Key Europe (‘Camping Card’). Some cottage facilities do not accept the Camping Card.
- If you do not have a valid Camping Card, one will be issued at check-in.
- To use the Camping Card, it must (a) be activated/valid in SCR’s customer care system and (b) have a validity sticker. The validity is determined by the year on the sticker/card.
- Lost cards will not be replaced only blocked against further use. Validity stickers will not be replaced.
- The card must be signed on the back. By signing the card, you as the card holder agree to the above terms and conditions of use. Cards without a signature will not be accepted.

Who is responsible?
SCR, Box 5079, SE-402 22 Göteborg, Sweden, tel: 031-3556000 , org. reg. no 716408-5602, is responsible for Camping Key Europe.

Age limit for Camping Key Europe
To buy a Camping Key Europe with us you must be at least 18 years old. You should therefore always check the age limit that applies with regard to Camping Key Europe. Identification may be requested when checking in. You will not be allowed access to the establishment if you are under the age limit.

When will my purchase of Camping Key Europe become binding?
Purchases of a Camping Key Europe via the Internet are binding when you pay the full amount and receive confirmation/receipt. The confirmation/receipt will be shown on screen and a copy will be sent to the given email.

Methods of payment
The following debit and credit cards are accepted for payment: Visa, MasterCard.

If you have a Camping Key Europe, it includes special insurance for accidents at the campsite. Other than that, you are responsible for having sufficient insurance cover during your visit.

The Personal Data Act
SCR is responsible for handling the personal details you give in connection with the rental of a pitch/cottage at one of the campsites, holiday villages and other rental activities run by SCR's members. Your personal details will be registered by one of SCR's members or SCR directly if you register on SCR's homepage on the Internet.
SCR will handle your personal details for the purpose of administrating bookings and payments at the establishments run by SCR's members and to otherwise meet SCR's or the members' obligations and protect rights according to the agreements entered with you. The information may be given to a debt collection firm or authority/court for recovery, declaration and fulfilment of your contractual obligations. The personal details will also be handled by SCR or its members for marketing purposes for their own products and services, and for other products and services on behalf of companies and organisations with which SCR or its members cooperate. Personal details may be given to companies and organisations that are members of SCR for the purposes stated. Your personal details will be stored for 36 months after the end of the agreement.
You have the right, once per year, at no cost, to request, in writing, to see the details that have been registered, where the information has been taken from and to receive information about any recipients to which the information has been given. You also have the right at any time to request correction of changed or incorrect details. You can also inform us that you object to your personal details being used for marketing. For questions, please contact SCR, Box 5079, SE-402 22 Göteborg, Sweden, +46 (0)31-355 60 00,info@scr.se.

Force Majeure
If Camping Key Europe can’t be used due to an obstacle that is outside SCR's/the organiser's control and which SCR could not reasonably have been expected to have foreseen when the agreement was entered and the consequences of which SCR could not reasonably have avoided or overcome either, SCR is free from liability for damages and other consequences. The same applies if the error is due to someone that SCR has appointed or another party further down the line.
SCR makes reservation for amendments to laws and/or price changes that are outside its control.

Unless otherwise stated on the confirmation, the price of accommodation does not include cleaning, bed linen, towels, cot/high chair, etc, though some campsites and establishments may offer these for hire. Remember to take what you require for your visit.

What happens SCR and I cannot agree?
You should turn to SCR with any complaints. If you do not agree with the SCR, you can turn to the Swedish National Board for Consumer Complaints.

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