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Moose Safari

Moose safari - a magnificent show. Imagine the splash of water when a massive 650 kg heavy Moose Bull jumps into the small lake just in front of us. On foot we hike in pathless terrain through one of the most moose populated wilderness areas on earth. The safari finishes with a minibus tour when we visit other favorite spots of the moose. We have seen moose on all safaris during 11 years. The safari has moose guarantee. 10 % discount per person when booking with Camping Key Europe.
The safari starts with a three course dinner with many ingredients from the forest. To the dinner we listen to an experienced wildlife tracker who let us know about the moose and many other wild animals. The safari is a certified Nature’s Best arrangement.

Operator: Nordic Discovery
Day and time: between May 10 and September 27. Uneven weeks Saturdays: 10/5, 24/5, 7/6, 21/6, 5/7, 19/7, 2/8, 16/8, 30/8, 13/9, 27/9. Even weeks Fridays: 16/5, 30/5, 13/6, 27/6, 11/7, 25/7, 8/8, 22/8, 5/9, 19/9. From 4 participants, also to be booked on other weekdays. Start between 16:00-18:30 (4:00–6:30 pm) depending on the setting of the sun.
Meeting point: Nordic Discovery’s Adventure Center in village Kloten, located in the heart of the Nature Reserve Malingsbo/Kloten, between Skinnskatteberg and Kopparberg. Must be pre-booked
Price: Adults SEK 1250, Children 6-15 yrs SEK 1000. Included in the price: 6 hours guided moose safari, a three course dinner and transfer to and from the moose forest. 10 % discount per person when booking with Camping Key Europe. This offer is valid for tours 2014.

Information: Rain gears in case of rain or as a backup. Warmer clothes to put on after sunset when the temperature often drops. Water resistant shoes are recommended.

Namn: Nordic Discovery
Adress: Handelsbobacken 2, Kloten, 714 91 Kopparberg
Telefon: +46 (0)580 31007, mobil +46 (0)70 2551984
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  • Name Nordic Discovery

  • Address: Handelsbobacken 2, Kloten, 714 91 Kopparberg

  • Telephone: +46(0)58031007

  • Visit our website



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