Dalsland's moose ranch

Welcome to Dalslands Moose Ranch in Dals-Ed and a very special experience. Camping Key Europe gives you a 10 % discount to admission, café, and all items in the moose shop.

8 tame moose roam in our 10 hectare forest enclosure. You can come very close to these majestic animals on a memorable visit here.

You’ll find us by road 164/166 in Dals-Ed, a stone’s throw from Gröne Backe Camping. Moose park, moose shop & moose café. Don’t forget to bring your camera!


  • Name Dalsland's moose ranch

  • Address: Södra Moränvägen 65, 660 31 Ed

  • Telephone: 070 - 294 50 12

  • Fax:

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  • Area: Värmland

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    Dalsland's moose ranch
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