Accident insurance with Camping Key Europe

Camping Key Europe has insurance through Solid Insurance, which provides cover for loss or damage that can occur at a camping site, caravan/camper site, hotel or in a rented cabin.

The insurance provides cover throughout Europe and in Morocco and Turkey provided the guest has a valid Camping Key Europe and that the camping site or caravan/camper site is run for commercial purposes.

The insurance also provides cover for the cardholder and his/her family and up to 3 accompanying children under the age of 18 years.

The insurance provides cover for
• Care and treatment costs
• Travel home at some other time than the planned time
• Invalidity compensation
• Rehabilitation
• Liability insurance
• Legal expenses insurance
• Camping fees or rent not utilised
• Death due to accident

The insurance is subsidiary, which means that any existing insurance shall be used first.

The loss or damage shall have occurred within the camping area (or other places covered by the insurance) and shall be reported to the camping landlord or equivalent, who shall certify the loss or damage.

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