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Camping.se is a website run by SCR Svensk Camping, The National Swedish Campsite Association.

Sweden’s biggest selection of campsites and cottages

At camping.se you’ll find more information about Swedish campsites than anywhere else. There are 450 campsites with 75,000 pitches, 9000 cottages and rooms, apartments and B&Bs.

All the campsites presented at camping.se are members of SCR Svensk Camping, The National Swedish Campsite Association. As an SCR Svensk Camping member, a campsite follows the rules and guidelines aimed at offering its guests a safe and pleasant stay.

About SCR Svensk Camping

SCR Svensk Camping (The National Swedish Campsite Association) is a trade organisation for Sweden’s campsite and cottage managers, or, rather, for those that meet our standards. We currently represent 450 beautifullysituated campsites all over Sweden.

To ensure that our guests have a safe holiday, we regularly inspect our members’ facilities. Our requirements cover guest safety and that campsites are well managed. We have high standards, so our guests can feel safe at campsites that are members of SCR Svensk Camping. So, before you check in, look for our membership sign and you’ll make a safe choice.

Welcome to SCR Svensk Camping-member campsites!

Quick facts about camping.se

Book your accommodation

You can book your accommodation direct at camping.se. Not all campsites can be booked, but many have some accommodation that can be booked. 


All about Camping Key Europe

At camping.se, you’ll find everything you need to know about Camping Key Europe. The card is packed with offers and free accident and third-party insurance.


Camping.se always has great offers, exciting packages and good-value campaigns to take part in. 


Computer, tablet, mobile

Are you surfing on a tablet or via a mobile phone? It doesn’t matter. Camping.se works with tablets, smartphones and computers, so you can always find a campsite and be inspired by everything Sweden has to offer.

Biggest in camping and cottages

Secure booking and payment

At camping.se, it is simple to book camping pitches and cottages all over Sweden.

- No booking fees
- 24 h purchase on approval
- Only SCR-affiliated campsites
- Safe payment via card or bank transfer

We have a travel guarantee according to the Travel Guarantee Act and are certified according to the requirements for e-commerce laid down by the Council for e-Commerce Certification in Sweden.


Contact us via telephone

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Weekdays 8.00 am-6.00 pm. Closed Saturdays, Sunday and holidays.

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