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First Camp Luleå

This first class family site is situated just ten minutes' drive from Luleå which nowadays is not just a university town, famous for sports, but also has a great deal to offer in terms of shopping, leisure and recreational activities.

We offer self-catering cottages with 4-6 beds suitable for winter use. Camping is also available all year round.

The cottages at First Camp Luleå are situated in a site of great natural beauty right by the mouth of the Luleå River. All around there are large grassy areas with lush bushes and beautiful pines and it's never more than a hundred metres down to the beach. This means that many of the cottages have a sea view and some almost have their own little beach.

There are five different kinds of cottage to choose from at the campsite. The smallest is called "Bälinge", the medium-sized "Gäddvik", and the second largest "Karlsvik" and "Delux" and the largest are the recently built "Strandstugorna". The differences between them are mostly in terms of size but also to a certain extent their location.

The "Karlsvik" cottages, which have a separate bedroom, are situated above the road up to the forest while "Bälinge" and "Gäddvik" are either above the forest road or down out towards the sea. The "Delux" cottages are recently renovated and top modern. "Strandstugorna" are recently built and are the most luxurious ones.

Throughout the grounds you can find specially prepared barbecue sites, not to mention garden furniture. Two to three of each type of cottage are handicap-friendly.

Stugor på First Camp Luleå

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    Choose between our variety of holiday options in beautiful Lule River. Are you interested in a beachfront plot with its own solar bridge or do you prefer a large family cabin with all the amenities then this is the place for you. We have cabins ranging from 3-6 beds, rooms or open plan. The holiday village is located near the long and fine sandy beach.

    • Waterpark
    • Fish bite
    • Hike and enjoy
    • Newly renovated
    • Peace and quiet
    • Sun & beach


    • Anpassat för rörelsehindrade

    • Miljömärkt

    • Café

    • Pool

    • Hundar välkomna

    • Restaurang med fullständiga rättigheter

    • Konferensmöjligheter

    • Servicebutik

    • Kreditkort accepteras

    • Skötrum för spädbarn

    • Ledarledda barnaktiviteter

    • Strand och bad

    • Lekplats

    • Wifi / Trådlöst internet

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    • Caravan
    • Cottage
    • Motorhome
    • Tent
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    • Antal stugor 76

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