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General Terms and Conditions for Camping Key Europe

These general terms and conditions apply when you purchase a Camping Key Europe.

General Terms and Conditions Camping Key Europe
These general terms and conditions apply to the purchase of a Camping Key Europe card at www.camping.se (or via one of SCR Swedish Camping’s members [affiliated campsites etc.]). These general terms and conditions also apply when registering the card. By placing an order via SCR Swedish Camping’s form at www.camping.se and paying for the card to the specified account, you agree to SCR Swedish Camping’s terms and conditions in force at any time for Camping Key Europe and a binding agreement comes into effect between you and SCR Swedish Camping.

Who is responsible?

Camping Key Europe is a loyalty card for European campsite guests and is owned by Camping Key Alliance, which is an alliance of Nordic camping organisations and other European organisation. SCR Swedish Camping, org. reg. no. 716408-5602, Box 5079, 402 22 Göteborg, Sweden, telephone +46 (0)31-355 60 00, is responsible for the sales of Camping Key Europe in Sweden.

Age limit for Camping Key Europe
To buy a Camping Key Europe from SCR Swedish Camping you must be aged 18 years or over.

When is my purchase binding?
The purchase of a Camping Key Europe from SCR Swedish Camping via the website www.camping.se becomes binding when you accept these terms and conditions for Camping Key Europe and pay for the card to the specified account. Confirmation of your completed purchase and payment will be sent via email to the email address you have specified. When purchasing a Camping Key Europe via any of SCR Swedish Camping’s members, the purchase becomes binding when you have completed the order form and accepted the general terms and conditions for the card.

Payment methods
The following debit and credit cards are accepted for payment: Visa, MasterCard.

If you have a Camping Key Europe, it includes special insurance for accidents at the campsite. Read more here ». You are responsible for any other insurance cover you require during your stay. Pre-purchase information regarding the insurance »

Use of Camping Key Europe at SCR Swedish Camping-affiliated facilities
- SCR Swedish Camping members use Camping Key Europe. This means that guests must have a Camping Key Europe. Some cottage facilities do not use the Camping Key Europe.
- If you do not have a valid card, one will be issued on check-in.
- For the card to be valid for use it must have been activated/valid in the SCR Swedish Camping’s customer care system. The validity is determined by the month/year on the plastic card or the date in the app My Camping Key.
- Lost cards cannot be replaced and will be blocked against further use.


SCR Swedish Camping and Camping Key Alliance’s partners and members are responsible for the products, services, discounts and offers to you as the holder of a Camping Key Europe. To exercise your legal right of withdrawal, receive help with faulty products or services, or if you have any other questions in connection with offered or supplied products or services, you should contact the party offering or supplying the product or service.
SCR Swedish Camping accepts no responsibility for incorrectly stated prices, discounts or other information related to offers by partners or members of SCR Swedish Camping or Camping Key Alliance at www.camping.se or the website www.campingkeyeurope.com or the app My Camping Key.

Right of withdrawal
If you purchase Camping Key Europe at a distance, the Act on Distance and Doorstep Selling applies (Lag om distansavtal och avtal utanför affärslokaler 2005:59) and you have the right to cancel your purchase of the Camping Key Europe by submitting or sending a message to SCR Swedish Camping to this effect within fourteen (14) days of entering the purchase agreement (withdrawal period). Your right of withdrawal ends if you, after the start of the withdrawal period, use or register the card. If the right of withdrawal is exercised, the right to use Camping Key Europe is terminated. The right of withdrawal with regard to offers and discounts that you receive by using Camping Key Europe must be claimed directly against the party from which you have purchased the product or service.

The websites www.camping.se and www.campingkeyeurope.com and the app My Camping Key may contain links to other websites that are not under SCR Swedish Camping’s control. SCR Swedish Camping cannot be held responsible for privacy protection or the content on these websites but only provides the links to make it easier for you to find more information about specific offers and discounts.

Handling of personal data
SCR Swedish Camping is responsible for handling personal data provided by you in connection with the purchase of Camping Key Europe from SCR Swedish Camping or from one of SCR Swedish Camping’s members.
SCR Swedish Camping’s main purpose of processing your personal data is to meet SCR Swedish Camping’s and Camping Key Alliance’s obligations to you as a holder of Camping Key Europe. As SCR Swedish Camping’s aim is to provide you with useful and requested information, supply you with products and services and offers from SCR Swedish Camping and SCR Swedish Camping’s partners or members, SCR Swedish Camping will also process your personal data for this purpose. To the extent that the fulfilment of SCR Swedish Camping’s undertakings to you or the fulfilment of services or offers under Camping Key Europe are dependent on SCR Swedish Camping’s partners or members, such partners or members may also process your personal data. The personal data that SCR Swedish Camping or SCR Swedish Camping’s partners and members will process are mainly those that you provide directly or indirectly to SCR Swedish Camping, SCR Swedish Camping’s or Camping Key Alliance in connection with your order and registration of Camping Key Europe. The data may be given to debt collection agencies and authority/court for debt recovery and determining and fulfilling your contractual obligations. Personal data may also be processed for marketing purposes.
By purchasing Camping Key Europe or registering your card, you accept and agree to your personal data being processed by SCR Swedish Camping and Camping Key Alliance, as well as the partners and members that Camping Key Alliance and SCR Swedish Camping work with, from time to time, for the purposes stated in the paragraph above. Your personal data will be stored for 36 months after the end of the agreement.
You have the right, once a year at no cost in writing, to request to see the data that have been recorded against you, from where they have been obtained, and to get information on any recipients to which the data have been disclosed. You have the right at any time to request correction of any changed or incorrect data. You may also notify us that you object to your personal data being used for marketing. If you have any questions, please contact SCR Swedish Camping, Box 5079, 402 22 Göteborg, Sweden, telephone +46 (0)31-355 60 00, info@scr.se.

SCR Swedish Camping’s aim is that you should always be able to see offers and discounts via the websites www.camping.se and www.campingkeyeurope.com or via the app Camping Key Europe. Despite high availability, the websites and app may be unavailable due to, for example, maintenance, security updates, and network or hardware problems. SCR Swedish Camping can therefore not guarantee that the websites and app or individual functions of these services are always available to you.

Force majeure
In the event that Camping Key Europe cannot be used for reasons outside SCR Swedish Camping’s control that SCR Swedish Camping cannot reasonably have been expected to have foreseen when the purchasing agreement was entered into and the consequences of which SCR Swedish Camping could not reasonably have avoided or overcome, SCR Swedish Camping is free from liability for damages or other penalties. The same applies if the fault is due to a party that SCR Swedish Camping has appointed further down the chain.
SCR Swedish Camping makes reservations for changes in the law and/or prices that are outside of its control.

What happens if SCR Swedish Camping and I do not agree?
In the first instance, you should take any complaints to SCR Swedish Camping. If you cannot agree with SCR Swedish Camping you can turn to Allmänna Reklamationsnämnden (National Board of Consumer Disputes).

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Why use Camping.se ?

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