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Midsummer is best celebrated on a Swedish campsite

At Midsummer, many people in Sweden gather on campsites. If you would like to experience the Swedish Midsummer traditions, we can recommend going to a campsite with its own Midsummer celebrations. Midsummer’s Eve starts the Midsummer weekend, and this is the day we celebrate. This is always a Friday between 19 and 25 June.

To celebrate Midsummer according to Swedish traditions you should make a wreath of summer flowers to wear on your head, then dance round the maypole singing songs such as ‘Små grodorna’. If you are in luck you can help dress the maypole with flowers and leaves and be there when it is raised. A traditional lunch is then eaten in the form of herring, new potatoes, and sour cream and chives, often washed down with schnapps. The lunch ends with tasty strawberries, often on a summery strawberry cake.

Hjälmargården & Läppe Camping
Midsummer celebrations on a campsite often include a maypole, folk musicians, lotteries, games, long tables with a shared herring lunch and children’s activities.

When the evening comes, there are often barbecues – it doesn’t matter what is barbecued, that is down to taste. You then decide how to end the day: an evening dip, a turn on the dance floor or just a quiet sit in your favourite camping chair. But don’t forget to go out into a meadow to pick seven different kinds of flowers to place under your pillow. According to legend you will then dream about the person you will marry …

Campsites with Midsummer celebrations

Here we have listed all campsites located close to Midsummer celebration sites or campsites hosting their own celebrations on site.

Campsites with Midsummer celebrations

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