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Accident insurance Camping Key Europe

The insurance is a complement to other insurance, which means that any existing insurance will be used first. The claims event must have occured within the camping area (or other places covered by the insurance) and must be reported to the camping site owner or equivalent, certifying the occurred incident.

For whom the insurance applies
The cardholder and his/her family and up to 3 accompanying children under the age of 18 years.
Where the insurance applies
Throughout Europe, Marocco or Turkey provided the guest is cardholder of a valid Camping Key Europe card and that the camping site, caravan/camper site, hotel or  rented cabin is run for commercial purposes.
When the insurance applies
For claims events that can occur within the camping site, caravan/camper site, hotel or in a rented cabin.
Scope of insurance and maximum compensation per insured and incident Accident
• Medical expenses due to accident                                  
• Dental expenses due to accident                                 
• Local travel expenses related to the care and treatment                        
• Additional costs for repatriation                                      
• Additional costs for the repatriation of the deceased,      
  alternatively funeral in place                                            
• Damaged property due to accident                                 
• Rehabilitation and technical assistive                                            
• Unused camping / summer cottage / mobile home or hotel charges           
Principal at accident
Liability coverage - subsidiary
Legal expenses coverage

Download the insurance terms and conditions (pdf)
Download a claim form (pdf)

Pre-purchase information (pdf)

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Claim form/24 hour service

Losses must be reported to the campsite reception as soon as possible.

The claims form should then be sent to:
TMP-access Claims Department
TMP-access AB
Sveavägen 159
SE-113 46, Stockholm, Sweden
Tel: +46 (0)8–540 804 40

In case of accident or other events where immediate help is requested, contact Euro-Center Assistance +46(0)770 456 899.

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