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Meet a moose

The King of the Forest has become a symbol of Sweden and Swedish nature. The moose is the world’s biggest living deer and is common in Swedish forests, but it is not always easy to spot in the wild.

For those who want to see a moose in its natural habitat, we would suggest the campsites that are close to a moose park.

Here you will stay close to a moose park


Hafsten Resort

Hafsten Resort is one of the West Coast's finest sites, situated on a peninsula with a wonderful view over the sea and archipelago. Hafsten lies in the middle of Bohuslän halfway between Gothenburg and Strömstad, just west of Uddevalla.

Campsite: Hafsten Resort
Moose park: Moose of Anneröd, Uddevalla

Unda Camping

Unda Camping is located 8 km west of Uddevalla. It lies in a aera of great natural beauty, and it has its own beach with lovely rocks and sandybeaches.

Campsite: Unda Camping
Moose park: Moose of Anneröd, Uddevalla



Gröne Backe Camping & Stugor

Gröne Backe Camping is located at Ed in Dalsland near the Lee lakes. Dalsland is often called a Sweden in miniature. In the intimate landscape west of Lake Vänern mountains and deep forests are combined with fields and lakes. The many rock carvings and other prehistoric remains show that Dalsland has been a popular destination for a long time.

Campsite: Gröne Backe Camping & Stugor
Moose park: Dalslands Moose Ranch, Dals Ed



Östersunds Stugby & Camping

The campsite is open all year round. It is beautifully situated just 3 km from the town centre and very close to Storsjöbadet, adventure swimming with indoor and outdoor pools. Exercise and ski tracks on the doorstep. Östersund is located in a fascinating natural area, with water, forests and meadows. Only an hour away are Årefjällen at Åre, Sweden's largest Alpine skiing resort.

Campsite: Östersunds Stugby & Camping
Moose park: Moose Garden, Orrviken



Överkalix Camping

Welcome to Överkalix Camping, situated in central Överkalix where the beautiful watercourses of Kalix River and Ängesån River converge.

Campsite: Överkalix Camping
Moose park: Arctic Moose Farm, Överkalix  



Eksjö Camping & Konferens

Eksjö Camping is located in the heart of the Småland Highland. It has a restaurant, course centre, rooms and cottages. Lots of exciting experiences throughout the summer.

Campsite: Eksjö Camping & Konferens
Moose park: Skullaryd Älgpark, Eksjö

Kosta Bad & Camping

Kosta Bad & Camping is located in the heart of the Kingdom of Crystal. At the campsite you find a cafeteria and a heated swimming pool with free admission for campsite guests.

Campsite: Kosta Bad & Camping
Moose park: Grönåsens älgpark, Kosta

Tingsryd Resort

Tingsryd Resort is a favourite among children and the perfect holiday destination for the whole family. We offer a modern holiday facility with quality, good service and exciting experiences that will become wonderful memories for life.

Campsite: Tingsryd Resort
Moose park: Älgriket, Tingsryd

Vimmerby Camping

The campsite is located by the beautiful Lake Nossen, just 5 minutes by car from Astrid Lindgren’s World. The terrain is both sloping and flat down towards the lake.

Campsite: Vimmerby Camping
Moose park: Virum Älgpark, Vimmerby



Strandstuvikens Camping

Quiet family campsite in beautiful countryside by the sea. Child-friendly sandy beach. 11 km to the centre of Nyköping. Cycleway.

Campsite: Strandstuvikens Camping
Moose park: Öster Malma-Wildlife Park, Nyköping 



Siggefora Camping

Siggefora Camping is located by Lake Siggeforasjön in one of Uppland’s unique open-air recreation and rambling areas. Siggefora Camping is perfect for tranquillity, recreation and rest.

Campsite: Siggefora Camping
Moose park: Gårdsjö Älgpark, Heby 



Mössebergs Camping & Stugby

Wake up to a wonderful view just outside your front door. At Mössebergs Camping & Stugby you can go jogging or skiing in the forest at the Mösseberg's recreational Eldorado.

Campsite: Mössebergs Camping & Stugby
Moose park: Wrågårdens Älg och Bison park, Falköping

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