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Skokloster Camping

Campingplatsens webbplats | Telefon: 018-38 60 35, 070-

Skokloster Campsite is beautifully located in the culturally historically surroundings on the Sko peninsula halfway between Stockholm and Uppsala.

The area is noteworthy for its own shallow bathing beach at Lake Mälaren. The grounds are on rolling terrain in mixed forest and are framed by birch woods along the approach to Skokloster Campsite.

From the Sjöö-utsikten restaurant you can experience the beautiful sunset over Lake Mälaren and Sjöö Manor-House while you enjoy good food and drink at reasonable prices.

You can play miniature golf and boules here. You can also go swimming and fishing.

One of northern Europe's most respected nature reserves constitutes a large part of the peninsula, on which amongst other things you can find Skokloster Castle, perhaps the world's foremost baroque museum. In addition, you can enjoy the well maintained mixed forest in the typical scenery of the valley of Mälardalen and be fascinated by the rune stones and other ancient remains.

Why not take a car-trip? It's about 60 km to Stockholm, 50 km to Uppsala and 25 km to Sigtuna.


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2017-04-30 - 2017-08-30

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2017-07-08 - 2017-08-06 09:00 - 20:00


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Skokloster Camping

Skokloster Camping
Skoklostervägen 51, 746 96 Skokloster

Telefon: 018-38 60 35, 070-

Platsnr: C16
Område: Uppland

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