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Ragnerudssjöns Camping och Stugby

Campingplatsens webbplats | Telefon: 0528-400 64

The campingsite is situated on the border of Ragnerudssjön and the foot of Kroppefjäll.

The beach is childfriendly. The sea is 6 km long. Seperately placeses for caravans and tents. Playground with swing and merry-go-around. There is a small grocer´s and restaurant daily open on the campingsite.
Nice walking - runningtracks.

Tracks where you can go by car by your own looking for elks.

Stugor på Ragnerudssjöns Camping och Stugby

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    The campsite offers 4-bed cottages of 25 m² with or without toilet. Kitchen area with fridge, stove, microwave, utensils and coffee maker are provided in the cottages. The cottages have a bedroom or sleeping alcoves. 7-bed self-catering cottages of 90 m² with access to a boat during the stay. You bring your own bed linen, or rent it in the reception. Buffet breakfast is served on pre-order (at least 10 people), breakfast basket and picnic basket can be ordered.

    • Free wifi
    • Dogs welcome
    • Restaurant
    • Beach & swimming
    • Patio
    • Hike and enjoy


    • Anpassat för rörelsehindrade

    • Restaurang med fullständiga rättigheter

    • Hundar välkomna

    • Servicebutik

    • Konferensmöjligheter

    • Skötrum för spädbarn

    • Kreditkort accepteras

    • Strand och bad

    • Ledarledda barnaktiviteter

    • Wifi / Trådlöst internet

    • Lekplats

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    2018-04-27 - 2018-10-14

    Öppet fullservice

    2018-06-21 - 2018-08-19


    • Caravan

    • Cottage

    • Motorhome

    • Tent

    • Youth hostel

    • Antal tomter 99

    • Antal stugor 12

    • Säsongstomter 42

    Boka nu

    Caravan, motorhome or tent

    The campsite is situated at the foot of Kroppefjäll and on the shores of Lake Ragnerudssjön. There are separate pitches for tents, caravans and motorhomes.


    245 SEK


    We offer several different cottage types. Choose from a fully equipped 7-bed 120 m2 cottage near the lake, with a large terrace and BBQ, or a 4-bed cottage with or without WC and hot water. The 4-bed cottages are 25 m2 and all have cold water, coffee maker, kitchen utensils, refrigerator and stove with oven.

    All cottages are non smoking and do not allow pets, with the exception of one where pets are welcome. There is also a cottage with a handicap ramp. All cottages are located near the service building.


    595 SEK


    Ragnerudssjöns Camping och Stugby
    Boka nu

    Ragnerudssjöns Camping och Stugby
    Jolsäter 1, 458 97 Högsäter

    Telefon: 0528-400 64
    Fax: 0528-40776

    Platsnr: P20
    Område: Dalsland

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